People often ask, what exactly is trance, or what is hypnosis?
Can it be proven? And, does it actually exist?

In clinical hypnosis, the trance state is usually achieved by inducing relaxation in the client, which suggests that relaxation moves someone from an alert and awake state of functioning to a state that's not quite sleep, and where they are more receptive to the suggestions of the hypnotist; always in control and always comfortable in their surroundings.

Different hypnotists use different methods and different subjects respond differently to the same suggestions - indicating that all of these conceptualizations about hypnosis probably have at least some validity.

I personally view hypnosis as primarily an educational process where our goal is to transform individuals by equipping them with new experiences, processes and learnings that will help them to outgrow outdated models of experience and to begin a new life journey with the tools necessary for success.

So again, what exactly is trance, or what is hypnosis? Can it be proven? And,
does it actually exist?

Yes, research proves that hypnosis and trance states do exist - the brain state changes when a person moves from one level of focus and concentration to another - but for me, as a clinician, not a scientist, the proof that hypnosis exists is really in the results I see when a client quits smoking or overcomes a paralysing.


Mo Ferrington

MNCH ( Reg) HPD Dip GHR Reg

NCH. NGH. GHSc. GQHP. ( National Register.)

Winner National " Voice of the Year " NCH.

National Council of Hypnotherapy

National Hypnotherapy Guild.

Mo specialises in Phobias, Weight Control, Stress and Pain Relief. To use Hypnosis for pain relief, Mo uses the innovative and ground breaking technique of pre-op in the clinic. This works really well if you have a fear of the dentist or hospital visits.

Mo also uses cutting edge technology in Hypnosis with the use of her Soundboard which let her speak to the client through headphones with gentle music in the background, to provide a more
relaxing experience.


Naomi Hill


Naomi Hill is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, who is also a qualified practitioner in NLP, Reiki and Hopi Ear Candling (Thermo Auricular Therapy). She is the only licensed practitioner of the Hypno-Band system currently registered in South Ayrshire to carry out treatments at this time, and is able to offer a wide range of other therapeutic services, including a 6 week weight management programme, smoking cessation, sports performance enhancement, and treatment for phobias and anxiety/depression.

She uses a combination of NLP, cognitive-behavioural and hypnosis techniques to provide a tailor-made treatment plan to tackle a variety of health issues, and will also provide clients with CDs as part of therapy, to listen to outside of sessions. She will also be offering appointments to clients during the week at our Wellington Square offices and is comprehensively insured, is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and holds a full disclosure certificate, enabling her to work with vulnerable adults and children.

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Hypnotherapy can be helpful in many diverse health concerns

• Unlocking the door to sleep improvement

• Healing disease by releasing past trauma

• Gastric banding procedure for weight loss - risk free

• Managing addiction to smoking, alcohol, computers and spending

• Before stressful events such as surgery

• Fear, anger worry, negativity and stress

• Improving self esteem

• To ease chronic pain