Recurring unhelpful thoughts can overwhelm us. Stress, Anxiety
and Worries can consume and overtake our Wellbeing.

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment. The intention is to help people become more aware of their thoughts and feelings so they can make decisions skilfully and appropriately. Learning the skill how to change your relationship to your distress will gain back being  in control of one yourself. I have developed a single session 90 Minutes Mindfulness based therapeutic session and teach you tools to apply in your daily life.

Research has shown that Mindfulness therapy will help:

- Anxiety, phobia, stress, depression, addictive behaviour

- Dwelling thoughts

- Sleep problems

- Increase attention and concentration

- Conflicts in relationships

- Have a positive effect on physical problems such as
   hypertension, heart disease, chronic pain

- To  become the person you want to be

- Enhance your cognitive function and focus

- Insight into your emotions


Christine Shah

Dip(Diploma) Counsellor/Psychotherapist, MBACP

BACP Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists

My Interest in psychology developed from my own childhood insecurities. I began my journey of self-exploration which developed from a sense of dissatisfaction in the way I was responding to my life. Growing up in
 a valley in Austria I developed a
strong desire to understand and connect with people.

Eventually, this led me to take an adventure and explore London which
I have grown to love and made my home where I fulfilled my greatest yearning and continued my studies to become a BACP accredited integrative counsellor/ psychotherapist in 2008.

I am a MBACP registered BACP counsellor/psychotherapist and
a BUPA approved Mental
Health Therapist.
Christine is an independent self employed practitioner.

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