Cranial Therapy

Cranial therapy is a gentle holistic way of working with the body using a light touch applied typically to the bones of the head. It’s aim is to supports the body’s ability to return to a more balance level of function and to help restore wellbeing and aid self-healing.

Andria Marchant offers Cranial Therapy at the Hertfordshire clinic and has kindly offered a more detailed explanation of the technique; 

“This is a holistic approach, which can involve all the systems of the body. It is called cranial because it also includes the head where appropriate but the technique can be applied just as effectively on the body. It aims to rebalance to a more comfortable normal for the patient and makes particular use of the fluid systems of the body:  blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid and to bring all to a more integrated whole. It is a gentle approach and works in harmony with the natural rhythms.   It is hands on but allows the persons body to do the adjusting in its own time. People usually feel relaxed and refreshed after a treatment."

Andria explains some of the history behind Cranial Therapy;

“The first nation peoples of North America probably taught some of the techniques and understanding to the early European settlers, whose doctors then incorporated them into their general practice. It was very suitable for the accidents, stresses and strains of pioneering life and for treating people in the field. The approach is adaptable to our modern lifestyles and equally appropriate. It particularly addresses the nervous system and how this dictates how our bodies work.”

Andria Marchant

Andria Marchant

Manipulative & Cranial Therapist

I aim to help my patients “stay on the road” using gentle holistic methods.

For the past 40 years I have been in practice and have been using various approaches to assist people in making positive changes to benefit their health and wellbeing.

To achieve this I focus on massage, manipulation where appropriate and cranial techniques to help balance the body systems supported by general health, diet and lifestyle when needed.

Andria woks as a self employed, independent practitioner.