Stress Management

Stress effects people in many different ways and I have found that no one approach suits every person. Poorly managed stress can effect us physically, emotionally and behaviourally with symptoms ranging from headaches, fatigue, irritability, fear of failure or fear of the unknown, panic attacks, sleep issues, coping difficulties, breathing and digestive disorders, to name but a few.

I use a realistic approach to finding simple but effective management of stress. I especially recognize that each person requires an individual approach, therefore, I do not use a ‘one size fits all’ programme.

Over the years, I have developed my methods, drawing on many aspects of psychology, counselling and classic stress management techniques in order to offer a balanced and an individual way forward. This allows you to  get through the day successfully and to gain a positive future by helping to bring a perspective to resolve previous issues and recognize unhelpful coping methods. Working together we will identity, confront and learn to manage your life stress in a constructive and realistic way forward. 

My individualised support and advice plan for stress & anxiety commonly includes;

  • Identifying the true cause of individual stress
  • Techniques to remove the causes (where possible)
  • Methods to build a resilience or cushion the negative effects of stress for long term relief of symptoms
  • Learning techniques to control the stress response
  • Dealing with symptoms such as panic attacks, digestive upsets
  • Looking at lifestyle balance eg work/life balance, planning, goal-setting
  • Issues with diet, exercise, sleep,
  • Dealing with poor coping strategies, irrational thought, lack of assertiveness
Maria Webb

Maria Webb

BSc (Hons) - Psychology

BA - Counselling

Diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling

Diploma in Stress Management

Accredited Member of National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Member of the British Psychological Society (GMBPsS)

Senior Member of Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists

I started practising Stress Management within the clinic in 1990. Whilst still working in the sphere of stress management, I sought a deeper understanding of the psychological process in relation to mental health.

This led me to undertake my degree in Psychology followed by my second degree in Counselling. The additional education and more specialist training in various schools of psychology allowed me to expand the repertoire of therapeutic techniques and now practice Counselling and Psychotherapy for a wide range of emotional, psychological and relationship issues.