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Hadley Wood Healthcare has been offering a wide range of complementary and integrated health care options since it started as a single practitioner practice in 1988.

Now, many years on it provides an expanded range of clinic services whilst maintaining its patient centred philosophy.

Our multidisciplinary centre has grown from a single practitioner clinic that first opened its doors in 1988.

In the early days, holistic osteopath Marcus Webb operated a simple one-room practice.

By 1991 Marcus was joined by his wife Maria who introduced a new dimension to the clinic in the form of Stress Management, and soon after that by his father-in-law, the renowned Dutch naturopath Jan de Vries.

To meet the needs of its patients Hadley Wood Healthcare incorporated a number of additional like-minded practitioners and a comprehensive natural remedies dispensary and expanded its premises to accommodate all the new services.

In 2015 Hadley Wood Healthcare expanded further and incorporated the Jan de Vries clinic in Ayrshire, Scotland.

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New Food Sensitivity Test

We can now test you for food sensitivities using the very latest methods to identify IgG antibodies to commonly eaten foods helping you plan your diet to ease a wide variety of chronic health issues such as IBS, eczema, ME and even hard to loose weight gain.

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New Food Sensitivity Test


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